Double Celebration :)


What am I celebrating? Oh, nothing special. Only that I have completed another two of my wishes: 100 crunches and bed time at 22.30 for a week. After failing to start doing crunches (it was not my fault. Really!!), I have set up a date – 28th of Feb. On that day, all 100 crunches must be done. Somehow… And I have done it! With a couple of short breaks (actually about five of them), but I did it. The funniest part was when I realised (while struggling to do the 88th crunch) that I was doing it on the wrong day… Instead of 28th of Feb, I completed my wish on the 1st of Mar. Oh well, I think this small mistake could be forgiven as I am an old lady 🙂

My second wish was to go to bed at 22.30. I find it really hard to take my lovely self to bed for a beauty sleep. Although, this task seems such an easy thing to do, all very interesting movies and shows were shown during that week… But I have resisted and went to bed at 22.30 exactly! Yeah, I really sound like I deserve a medal…

I have also started couple of other wishes from my bucket, but more on this later 🙂

Nite nite


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